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CENTER OF UNIVERSE [ Chapter 1,2,3 ]



















                                      Lifelong search for Center of the Universe                                 

                                      To youth torrential flow of Not

                                                                          Do Xuan Tho






      Center for the Universe Doctrine is a result of more than 10 years working with a burning desire to Vietnam has a philosophical text written into a philosophy "Made in Vietnam" by Dr.
Do Xuan Tho. This is an aspiration is worth respect.

In terms of the epistemological universe of an extremely important start of a philosophical theory. Center of the Universe is a work table depth of the epistemological universe of the author.

The cause of the universe is a topic has been discussed in the philosophical works from ancient to now. This subject until now still lively debate not only in philosophy, religion, physics, but also even in the spiritual life of each person. Center for the Universe works of authors can be viewed as the universe of a child of the nation of Vietnam.

Axiomatic method and Set theory, the tools of mathematical precision, the author has built a convincing arguments are new and daring the universe of philosophy. For example the concept of "Center of the Universe"; the speed of thinking faster than the speed of light billions of times; the concept of communication and energy instantly from the center of the universe to every object in the universe, etc. ...

A relatively large amount of information transmitted in the 40 page book he makes it quite difficult to read. However, the appendix will make readers more interested.

The most important part of the work was published in the journal Philosophy should reliability of the work has been assessed.

Very honored to introduce this work, a universe of the Vietnamese people was written into the first office in Vietnam with readers

                                                                                                  Vu Thi Hien












Philosophy as a scientific study of the general rule of nature, society and thought so for a personal life philosophy is the philosophy, which originated from the moral, is originated of trust and is originated from the will.

A family is considered to be developed if the room is the family development, family room, which was constructed Left philosophy that the family trust

For a people, philosophy born of the cultural identity of ethnic groups that a strong or weak, we must first evaluate the first philosopher of his nation.

To absorb even a philosopher from outside the nation itself is also a philosophy of their own to the posture of the comments are invited guests in direct talks.

Philosophy of a people lay the cultural identity of ethnic groups there. Philosophy of a family born Room, the order of the family. Philosophy of an individual born faith, love, morality and wills of individuals.

Vietnam people through 4000 years of history of philosophy has no written literature, although the philosophy of the Vietnamese had from the King Hung. This makes the author, a son of Vietnamese soil, determined to build a philosophy of his family, for the peoples themselves, a philosophy of "Made in Vietnam".

 After 10 years of careful thought the author had completed construction of philosophy called Center of the Universe . During that time the authors break out information on philosophy to not dominated by any ideology does.

Author decided devoted to family Do, family Pham and ethnic groups of Vietnam philosophy of his Center of the Universe. Hope that the children of Vietnamese land added to the full and complete for our nation to have a philosophy by Vietnam to create.

In this slim book, the author tool that is used to express mathematics and philosophy. Please emphasize that the author only borrow methods axioms and set theory of mathematics as a catalyst, as a sexy open to the idea of a profound philosophy of readers and not use it to shield compulsive machinery. To read this book, readers need not prepare any knowledge other than a yellow solid thinking in mathematics and a little knowledge of set theory.

With sincere gratitude the detailed suggestions of readers, we have to acquire and fix, but certainly still a lot missing. All comments should be sent to your email :

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Hanoi, 16-8-2004





Chapter 1


In the current era, the mix between the science is a common phenomenon. We witnessed the birth of many branches of science and new scientific projects that only its name is enough to say that. For example: Physics-Biology, Chemistry-Biology, Engineering - Informatics, Philosophy of Mathematics, Dao of Physics, etc. .. In the main traffic in the domain of science has emerged new problems, new ideas.

    Philosophy and mathematics is no movement outside the store. In this chapter and the next chapter we present the concept of Universe and Center of the Universe in mathematics and philosophy.

    Chapter 1 is a very important because it is the basis for later chapters. Chapter 1 consists of three parts: Universe, Center of the Universe and Conclusions. This chapter was published in the journal Philosophy in January 2003. Section Center of the Universe is a focus of Chapter 1.



      Before making the axioms, theorems, and the consequences of the Universe we must build the basic concept. The concept as the information carrier. It's like writing and symbols to express a language. However, the information content contained in them is infinite, to the point that with the development of the theory of the basic concepts also change. However, the speed of change is much smaller at the change of the axioms, the theorem. In other words, they are "stable" than the axioms, theorems, and we can "hard goods" such concepts.

I will start with the concept of object. Objects used to refer to things: a bowl of rice, clothing, people, earth, solar system, galaxy, thoughts, theories, social, government, etc. .. a Subjects concept work to create a special zone in thinking when we consider an object, an entity, a concept, a system, etc. .. somehow.

Following the concept set. First we understand it as temporary set of concepts of mathematics, but always remember that the meaning of it more deeply. Set of students in class 9A, collection of philosophers on Earth, etc. .. are examples of sets.

The subordinate, intersection, union, compensation... first go out as set theory and always remember it mean deeper ..

Concept Infinity is used to indicate the non-boundary and non-limitation etc.

   The Unicity is to indicate about the only one of its kind.

    Next is the concept of movement. The movement can be understood as the changing place in space and time, changes in chemical reactions, the development or degradation of a nation, a theory or a government. It's just growth or die of an organism, a change in the thinking of a man, etc.

  With the movement also has the concept of velocity, acceleration, etc. ..

Relationship refers to the binding, contact, function, mapping, operators, relations, etc. ..
   Thus we have presented some basic concepts. Content information contained in the basic concept is infinite, so do not expect can understand immediately. Meaning of the same order they will present theory.

I will start by making the concept of our universe.


Definition  1:

Universe is the union of all subjects

    Said to define a concept of our universe. Because as mentioned above, the object is not set (Later we will see no empty object) should not define the violation in rat-xen paradox: ‘There is no set of all sets’ .

 As we will see later, the objects in the universe is not only the discrete object is next to each other that they have the contacts and the interlaced relationship was linked to other subjects different, even opposite ideas about the universe together to create a universe out exists.

Also by definition 1, we see the universe of astronomy is part of the universe has been defined. Universe of astronomy does not contain folk songs of Quan Họ Bacninh such ...

Next we recognize the axiom that virtually all philosophers have recognized


Axiom 1

Universe is ìninite.

This confirms the universe is infinite infinity, no borders. Take any way that, consider any cut of the universe that are also extremely endless. Space has no starting point and no end.


 Axiom 2

  All objects in the universe is always moving.

 This shows the movements are the properties of all objects. All objects in the universe stand motion by numerous different methods.

  Here we give a theorem is important.


 Theorem 1

 Space is unique

Proof: Let V1 and V2 are two different universe. Then we get

V = V1 U V2.

Clearly, V is the universe. So on, every time I see an object outside of our universe, then we use the union to create a unique Universe => This should prove

  Theorem 1 confirms our universe is unique, no other universe 2. This is consistent with our perceptions. The first time in the womb, our universe is the case of organs containing blood of the mother, aware that the waves transmitted to our mother, etc. .. When the store is born, a big leap, we use the case to another to create a new universe by now has also new object: grandfather, grandmother, father, brother, children , roof, where edges, the words sing superbly with ru, sky, and why, etc. .. So on, if you see any object outside of our universe is the union used to have a unique universe.


 Theorem 2

Between any two objects in the universe always existed at least one relationship

Proof: Let A and B are any two objects in the universe. When the relationship "A and B the movements " is one of the obvious relationship between A and B => This should prove

 This theorem is actually principle of common but relationships Heghen mentioned but not proven strictly. It was seen as an axiom Heghen.

From now, when it comes to an object we must understand it with the set of its relationship with other objects. Sometimes, to emphasize that the object will be called complete.

As mentioned above, the objects in the universe linked together by the extremely close relationship. The relationship has been through the objects in the universe but the universe to them is unique. More of them are the subjects and by how it always mobilization and development.

Our universe really infinite, but extremely lively. That is the only universe, there is no other universe 2.


 Here I will include a new concept – Center of the Universe. This concept presented a short one so it is a very abstract concept, but the central concept of this chapter. We will begin with a brief definition:


 Definition 2

 Center of the Universe is the intersection of all subjects

This definition shows Center of the Universe is the most common of all objects in the universe. It is the "Properties" in all subjects.

Immediately after this we will prove two theorems provide epistemological.

   Theorem 3

  Center of the Universe ís exist

Proof: We must prove domain intersection of all objects in the universe is not empty. Indeed because the movement is in all subjects as axiom 2 has confirmed.

Movement in turn is an object in the Universe => Domain intersection of all subjects is not empty => This should prove.

Note that motion is just one factor that makes the Center of the Universe . Movement is a manifestation of the Center of the Universe. In other words, because the objects are moving, but we feel that the existence of the Center of the Universe. Besides moving, Center of the Universe may also other components.


Theorem 4

Center of the Universe is unique

Proof: Let v1 and v2 are the Space Center. We must prove v1 match v2.

Because the Center of the Universe is v1 and v2 is an object should

v1 C v2 (v1 contained in v2) (1).

Because the Center of the Universe is v2 and v1 is an object should

v2 C v1 (v2 is contained in v1) (2)

From (1) and (2) it follows that v1 match v2 (v1 match v2) => This should prove

Thus we have defined the Center of the Universe and prove two very important theorems assert Center of the Universe exists and is unique. However, proof of the theorem above only indicates a determined nature of existence and unique of the Center of the Universe.

Right here we will offer a direct consequence from the definition of the Center of the Universe


 Theorem 5

Center of the Universe is in all subjects

Proof: Center of the Universe is the intersection of all subjects and the Center of the Universe exists only. According to the definition of the intersection in set theory it follows that all objects in the universe.=> This should prove

In fact, human beings have long felt is the existence of the Center of the universe and call it with different name such as preferences, nature, Creation, ultimate Truth, Nature, God, etc. .. But can say the concept of the Center of the Universe in this pure, deep and more general concepts above.

Center of the universe extremely fanciful. It has in all subjects but understand it is extremely difficult, it is property, it is the most common nature of all objects. It contains the natural law universal one. It is the ultimate truth of any ultimate truth. It is a super particle of all fundamental particles created all things.

Theorem 6

   All objects in the universe does not naturally lose only a permanent conversion from this format to other formats.

Proof: Suppose that A is an object in any universe. Then by definition of the Center of the Universe A failure to contain the Center of the Universe. If A lost permanently impaired the Center of the Universe will be lost forever. This is contrary to the theorem of existence and the only Center of the Universe. Failure to prove a thing.

  For objects visible on the theorem is understandable. But for the invisible objects as national traditions, culture, etc ... is a theory of perception is not always so easy to clear.

If we view the system of philosophy or religion are the only object, then a further consequence could be withdrawn immediately from theorem Center of the universe is unique


Theorem 7

For every philosophy there is only one ultimate truth.

For all religions there is only one God.


Trends of thought may be different, even opposite ideas about a take a longer but we still have a domain other traffic (eg, the Center of the universe), so the trend to dialogue for First, exclude each other is becoming the trend of the times

You can imagine a great merger in the future - The unity of philosophy and the unity of religion on a global scale and the whole universe.



Universe is infinite, but extremely unique, no other universe 2. Objects in the universe are always moving. Center of the Universe is the intersection of all subjects so it is in all subjects. It exists and unique. Center of the Universe concept is stronger than the concept of absolute truth, super-particle, etc. .. It is fanciful, sparkling. It is present everywhere but can not see and can not be captured. Absolutely it is the truth of any absolute truth. It is Super particle in every particle to create things. Center of the Universe contains full power of the universe.

The first one of the smartest human beings can understand the vicinity of the Center of the Universe, Center of the Universe to understand the whole universe is understandable.

If you see each person, each object is the object, the Center of the Universe nowhere but in the remote heart, the mind is in the main, in the simplest of things.

Objects do not have a permanent loss of which it forms only variation from this to other forms, including tangible objects or intangible.

Center of the Universe exists only as confirmed universe is uniform, although the objects of the Universe is extremely rich states like ten thousand pictures. Before you understand the Center of the Universe, the trends of thought of mankind lies in the vicinity Center of the Universe by the petals they are the same stigma and extremely diverse.

Universe diversity that our unity, unity in diversity.

Finally we have a few words before the end of chapter 1.

Actually have a different approach to the Universe and Center of the Universe. Approach the first we build the universe with them to the universe only. Similarly, we have developed the Space Center and then allow traffic to use a single Center of the Universe.

This approach is acceptable because it is easier to follow a regular circuit of thinking of mankind but unfortunately the number of posts will change to hundreds of pages.

Approach as both present approach is a condensation and high general nature but new readers feel a bit compulsive shield. We hope readers understanding.




Chapter 2


   In Chapter 1 has given definition Center of the Universe (CU) also prove some theorems and consequences related to the Center of the Universe . Two theorems assert Center of the Universe is the only existing and proven. However, this proved just stop at just the way the nature of existence and unique Center of the Universe . Besides movement , the Center of the Universe also has elements that again?

  In this chapter we will present definitions of information at the same time prove the information is a factor again created Center of the Universe and then give some theorems, consequences and conclusions related.

  In Chapter 1, a tool to express the theory and methods axioms. But to emphasize in this chapter is only a temporary loan tools to get the tools of expression. The meaning of philosophy lies behind the inference that the same mathematics more deeply. In this chapter we still use the tool on the tool and temporarily called like mathematics.

Now we will go into the contents of this chapter. First we will take the concept of information.



 Informatics in the definition: "All factors that bring understanding are called information. But this definition refers to a new understanding of man should not general. Some philosophers describe the concept of information as follows: Everything in the natural world are reflected as properties are affected by other things. This process is called the process of receiving information, process information and make the results of the process.

   For consistency, we offer definitions of basic concepts is as follows and will use it for the entire work:


Definition 3:

Suppose A and B are any two objects in the universe, known set of all relationships between A and B is the information between A and B. A is called the information content of A in B and vice versa, B is called the information content of B in A. Itself a set of relationships between A and B, sometimes called to emphasize that the information carrier.

Such information includes content information and the information carrier. Defined on ensuring high-level overview of the concept of information.

Now we will discuss the Center of the Universe and information.




First we prove a theorem extremely important information confirmed as a factor that is more in Center of the universe.


Theorem 8:

Center of the Universe contains information.

Proof: According to theorem 2 assert any two objects in the universe always existed at least one relationship. By definition 3, it follows that any two objects in the universe always has information about each other. Inferred information is the property of all objects in the universe. And therefore, as defined Center of the Universe in Chapter 1 inferred Center of the Universe contains information => This should prove

Theorem 8 have just mentioned there are more elements than a Theorem 8 have just mentioned there are more elements than a movement of Center of the Universe : it is information

      Here it is necessary to press because our knowledge is only in the vicinity U(v) of Center of the Universe, so we do not understand exactly about Center of the Universe, as a result the components formed Center of the Universe are found, but in fact they (Movement and Information) are only one. This is collected from the theorem on the unique Center of the Universe. However the consideration about Center of the Universe from multi-aspects will provide us a clear picture on Center of the Universe. We will gradually narrow the vicinity U(v) of Center of the Universe within us as much as possible.


Theorem 9:

Information between any two objects in the universe must always through Center of the Universe ( CU).

Proof: Let A and B are any two objects in the universe and f is any relationship between the A and B. By definition it follows that f is a second information between A and B. But in turn, f is an object in the universe. According to theorem 5 in Chapter 1 it follows that f must contain the Center of the Universe. In other words f must be through Center of the Universe. Infer that to prove .

Theorem 9 is important because it gives us a direct theorem:


Theorem 10:

   Center of the Universe contains all information of all objects in the universe

Proof: Suppose A is any object in the universe has a F (A) the information is not available in Center of the Universe . From this it follows that exist in the information f F (A) not through Center of the Universe. This is contrary to the theorem 9=> This should prove

Theorem 10, again confirmed if understands Center of the Universe, we can understand the whole universe. Can be such a crude calligraphy Center of the Universe as a host computer that contains all information of all objects in the universe. Objects in the universe to "communicate" with each other must be conducted through the Great this server.

Next, we will be expressed and proved an important theorem again:


Theorem 11:

Speed of light

» 300,000 km / s (c close to the 300,000 km / s)

not limited to the speed of the information in the universe

Proof:: I will prove by just such a response. Suppose H is a planet to our one million light years. Now we will eyes and imagine being on the planet. One, two, three! Start!

Only in less than a second thinking we were present on the planet that H.

Here, between us (subject A) and planetary H (object B) have the relationship f is the imagination of A to B. According to the definition of information, f is the information between A and B. And as seen in the velocity of f millions of times greater than the speed of light. Failure to prove a thing.

Theorem 11 shows Einstein axiom is not true in our universe again. By theorem 11 readers do not necessarily satisfied but not enough for the site should not be given a proof more beautiful. Later we will return to prove a theorem Left "internal" than.

We now give a theorem is extremely important to the speed of information transmission Center of the Universe . Before the speech the theorem we shall be told through the coordinate system. This is a concept that will have to go deep into the paper takes a lot of ink should first let us understand the concept of temporary regulations coordinate system in physics or mathematics. We shall have known us coordinate system space-time in physics or n-dimensional coordinate system, even infinite-dimensional coordinate system in mathematics, etc. .. Reference system used here provided nearly identical to the concept


Theorem 12:

Center of the Universe transmit information to every object in the universe is immediate in all coordinate systems

Proof: We evidenced feedback evidence. Suppose an object A exists in the universe and in a coordinate system to receive any information from the Center of the Universe to A is not instantaneous. Failure at a certain time t0 between A and Center of the Universe does not have a relationship do. Because Center of the Universe is also an object which should be contrary to the theorem 2 in chapter 1. Failure to prove that the

   Theorem 12 gives us the ability to explain a very confusing in Theorem 5 of Chapter 1: ‘CU is in all objects.’

     Why have numerous objects in the universe which also contains any object CU, while CU is unique? The objects in the universe contains only information content of CU in it or in other words, the objects in the universe contains only "image" of CU. Since the transmission of information from CU to the subject is so immediate distinction of CU and CU picture is extremely difficult. Sometimes we feel it is only one. Even to separate them into two, whether the shield is also a compulsive thinking. Because of this the theorem 5 in Chapter 1 no contradiction.

   Information between CU and any object in the universe not only takes place in a way from CU to objects that have information from that object back to CU. The information between any two objects must go through "Server" great-Center of the Universe (CU).




 • Thus, in addition to movement, CU also contains an element that is more information. However, information and movement is in fact one. Information is a form of movement and movement against just one manifestation of the information. These two concepts to think with them as separated but appears to be one. Sparkling extremely fanciful.

• With the information has proved beyond the speed of light millions of times, we can see daily, hourly, in seconds, in micro seconds, etc. .. we, the people on Earth still receive information from numerous civilizations outside the Earth to Earth, to us through the CU. Because of the weaker civilization and the Earth civilization is stronger than the Earth every man should have the good and evil, villainous and noble has, with spring and source intelligence, a hatred and love etc. .. To reach the good, good, what a fine, etc. .. we must always towards the CU that is life, action and thinking in accordance with the universal law of universe.

• To collect received "idea waves" just above we can not use these devices were built only from the "material" tangible.

• Information from one object to any of us are through CU. This is an epistemological is important, if carefully studied, a masterpiece with any object, whether that object to how trivial we also found great truth even at the truth upper.

• Recently a theory for the comment that all objects in the universe has been programmed by a powerful and that somehow all subjects, especially people that have "a fate " and can not resist the fate. This is only half true. As mentioned above information between CU and any object is a two-way information. To a certain time, when we understand more deeply about the CU may have a "hacker" access "a great host" - CU to correct a certain code to change "the fateful "and of his entire nation.

Chapter 3




  In chapter 1 and chapter 2 has confirmed CU has two components: Energy and Information. In this chapter we will describe the concept of Energy and affirm energy is a further factor is the CU.

   Before giving the theorem, consequences and conclusions related let build basic concepts - Energy.


   Of energy is a concept that almost everyone knows, but to understand it thoroughly, especially when it comes to our energy non-physical objects, the intangible that is not ever going to place agreed. In this chapter we use energy with the following general definition:

Definition 4

    Suppose A is any object in the universe. All factors caused the movement of A is called the energy in the A.

    In Chapter 1 we introduced the concept movement. Here should be reiterated and supplemented as follows: Movement is only the concept of place in this space; the changes in chemical reactions; the prosperity or recession of a country, an institution; the growth or destruction of the organisms; change of thinking of a human movement of information, etc.

   Energy is a key factor causing the movement of any object. There is no movement without energy




   Here, we give a theorem confirms power is a third factor in the Space Center.

   Theorem 13

  Center of the Universe (CU) containing energy.

  Proof: Suppose A is any object in the universe. According to axiom 2 of Chapter 1 A failure to move. According to describe the concept of energy inferred A contains energy. In other words, A is the energy properties of A. As defined in Chapter 1 CU, CU contains inferred energy. Failure to prove a thing.

     Thus, we have demonstrated all objects in the universe has energy. Energy is generated motion causes the energy known through the movement. Because energy is itself an object in the universe should it follow the axiom in Chapter 2 is a movement.

     Information is a form of movement should convey information between objects also need to have energy. Contrast, the energy that the object is transmitted to other relationships of the two subjects that should energy is information.

    In summary, three factors: movement , information and energy created CU, if failure to masterpieces with only a only. However, there is a need to remind our knowledge only in a neighborhood U (v) any of the CU should look for the CU from a variety of images that will more clearly about it

     Here we discussed the transmission of energy between objects in the universe. I will prove a theorem about the mechanism of energy transfer between them


Theorem 14

   Energy transfer between any objects in the universe must be through CU.

  Proof : Let A and B are any two objects in the universe. E is the energy transfer between A and B. Then E is a clear relationship between A and B. Information as defined in chapter 2 it follows that E is the information between A and B. According to Theorem 9 in Chapter 2, E through to CU. Failure to prove a thing .

   Like chapter 2, this theorem gives us a very important theorem


     Theorem 15

  CU contains the entire energy of all objects in the universe

  Proof : Suppose there exists a A object which of its energy E is not contained in the CU. Then if A transfer this energy to any object E does not through CU. This contradicts Theorem 14. Failure to prove a thing .

  Thus we have proved an extremely important thing is held together with all information, CU also contains all the energy of all objects in the universe.

  Next we prove a theorem related to the speed of the transmission of energy from CU to the object.


  Theorem 16:

  Energy is transferred from CU to all objects in the universe is immediate for all coordinate systems.

 Proof: Ta demonstrated by feedback documents. Suppose A is any object in a reference provided that any CU to get energy from it is instant. When it existed at the time to do it so that A has no energy. Other words at the time that A is not to campaign. This is contrary to the axiom February 1 in Chapter 1. Failure to prove a thing

    Thus we have to prove four theorems that energy review panorama of the universe.








• Because the Universe is infinite so extremely energy in CU is extremely endless. Energy provides great power for each object in the universe instantly makes us feel the energy that was available, the potential of that object.

• Any object that want to transfer energy to other objects must be transmitted through CU. This is new to the old conception of ourselves.

• If we live as close to CU, that is living in accordance with the law of the universal intellectual as most sighted because CU is a domain of truth delivered great. CU will live as close to health have been significantly improved since CU contains all of the energy universe.

• National does have a social and state organizations as close to CU that is consistent with the universal law of the universe more powerful country.

• Any human behavior, although there still remain confidential to the top left traces in the CU for CU contains all the information universe.

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