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Chapter 1

The center of the Universe

In present age, the mix of scientific fields is a popular phenomenon. We have witnessed the appearance of new scientific fields and considerations such as Biophysics, Biochemistry, Informative mechanism, the philosophy of Mathematical , the Tao of Physics etc. As a result, the new issues and ideas of science are generated in the non-empty intersection of such sciences.

Philosophy and mathematics also are in this trend. In this chapter and the next ones we are going to present the definition of Universe and its center through mathematic and philosophy.

Chapter 1 is very important because it is basic for the next chapters. To read this chapter and next ones it is required that you have a well mathematical thounght and a little knowledge of the set theory.


Before presenting the axioms, theorems and consequences of the Universe we have to establish the basic concepts. These definitions are as the information carrying object. They are the same as the letters and symbols using to express a language. However, the information volume inside them is unlimited, even so they can also change together with the development of theory. But, the speed of this change is very much smaller than the change of axioms and theorems. In the other hand, they are more “stable” than the words axioms and theorems. Therefore we can “fix” these concepts.

We will start with the definition ofObject. The Object is to indicate every thing: rice bowl, clothes, human, Earth, solar system, galaxy, thinking, doctrine, society, holistic organization etc. The definition of Object is to create the isolated areas in thinking when we consider a certain matter, an entity, a definition, a system etc.

The next is the definition ofSet. Firstly, we can understand temporarily it as the one of Set definition in mathematic, but we have to remember that its significance is much deeper. The collection of pupils of Class 9A, of philosophers on the Earth... are the examples of the set definition. The subordinate, intersection, union, compensation... firstly should be understood as the same way in the set theory, but with deeper meaning.

The definition ofInfinity is used to indicate the non-boundary and non-limitation etc.

The Unicity is to indicate about the only one of its kind.

The next is the definition ofMovement. The movement can be understood as the change of position in space and time; the changes in chemical reaction; the development or depletion of a country; or of a theory or political regime. It indicates the birth or dead of a creature; the change in a human thinking etc.

Together with the movement is the definition of speed, acceleration etc. The speed firstly is understood as the indetifinite derivetive and the acceleration is the quadratic derivetive of “distance” with “time”. In which, “distance” and “time” can not be understood simply as physical distance and time, but in deeper meaning.

The Relationship is to indicate the ties, relation, function, mapping, operator etc.

So we have explained some basic definitions. The information contained in the basic definitions is unlimited, therefore one can not hope to understand immediately. Their meaning will appear step-by-step with this theory.

Let’s start by giving a definition to confirm our understanding about the Universe.

Definition 1.1:

Universe is the union objects

This definition is very basic. It is obvious that our definition of Universe is deeper than the definition of Universe from astronomy and physics. In the next facts we will see that the Objects in Universe are not only the disconnected Objects but various relations exist among them and these relations unite the different Objects, even they seemed to opposite to each another in Universe to build a existed Universe.

In the next, we will acknowledge two axioms that all philosophies have accepted.

Axiom 1.1

Universe is Infinite.

This axiom confirms that Universe is unlimited, boundless. The Universe is Infinite in every direction and in every cut. Universe has not a starting point as well as the finishing point.

Axiom 1.2

Every Objects in the Universe are always in constant movement

This axiom shows that the movement is the characteristics of all objects. The objects in the Universe move according to numerous different ways.

Now we present a very important theorem.


Universe is unique

Proof: Assume that A and B are two different universes. If we chose V = AÈ B then V is universe. If this exists a different universe C in comparison with V, we take their union:

V’ =VÈ C ... And lastly we have a unique universe. (quod erat demonstradum (q. e. d.))

According to way of proof, we can imagine a proper approach appropriate to universal definition and the methodology of understanding. Firstly when we were still inside our mother’s womb, our universe is the union of inner organics containing mother’s blood, and the wave of consciouness from mother transfering to us... When crying to be born, a rapid leap, we use the union once more to get a new universe because we just have the new objects: grandfather, grandmother, father, brothers, sisters, house, cradle, lullabies, sky, stars, etc. In the same way, if there is any object outside from our universe, we make the union again to have a unique universe.

Theorem 1.2

Between two random objects in Universe, thereexist at leasta relation

Proof: Assume that A and B are two random objects in Universe. And the relation “A and B is both moving then” is one of relationship between A and B obviously=> q. e. d.

This theorem, actually, is the principle on the popular relation mentioned by Hegel, but it is not proved perfectly. It is accepted by Hegel as an axiom.

From now on, refering to an object we have to understand it together with the set of its relation with other objects. Sometimes, we call them the full object.

As above mentioned, the objects in Universe link to each another closely through the relations. These relations are generated from the objects in Universe, but in turn they make this Universe unique. Moreover, they are the Objects and therefore they are also in constant motion and development.

Our Universe is unboundless, unlimited and vivid. It is the unique Universe, without second one.

2.Universal center

Here we present a new definition-Universal Center. This definition will be pointed out shortly, so it is not easy to imagine but it is the center of this chapter.

Definition 1.2

Universal Center is the intersection of all Objects

This definition shows that the Universal Center is the most general thing of all Objects in Universe. It is “The attribute” within all Objects.

Right here we will prove two theorems of cognition.

Theorem 1.3

There exists the center of the Universe

Proof:We have to demonstrate that the intersection area of all objects in Universe is in non-empty. In fact, because the characteristics of movement within objects as confirmed by the axiom 2, but the movement is an Object in Universe, therefore the intersection of all Objects in Universe is not empty. => q. e. d.

It is noted that the movement is only an element to make up the Universal Ceter. The movement is only an indication of Universal Center. In other words, we feel the existence of Universal Center through the movement of Objects. In addition, the other elements should be existing except the movement, and Universal Center.

Theorem 1.4

Universal Center is unique

Proof: Assume v1 and v2 are both the Universal Center. We have to prove that v1 concides with v2. Indeed, because v1 is the Universal Center and v2 is a object, so v1Ì v2 (v1 belong v2) (1). Since v2 is the Universal Center and v1 is a object, so v2Ì v1 (v2 belong v1) (2)

From (1) and (2) it is obvious that v1ºv2 => q. e. d.

So far, we have definited the Universal Center and proved two very important theorems to confirm that the Universal Center is existing and unique. However, the way to prove the two above mentioned theorems just only gives a qualitative relation ofthe existence and uniqueness of Universal Center.

Now we will provide a direct consequence from the definition of Universal Center:

Consequence 1.1

Universal Center exists in all Objects

Proof:Universal Center is the intersection of all Objects, and Universal Center does not exist uniquely. According to the definition of intersection in the Set theory, one induces that it is within in all Objects in Universe.(q. e. d.)

In fact, for long long times ago the human being have felt the exist of Universal Center and called it with the different names such as: Characteritics, Nature, Creator, Supreme Truth, God, Buddha... But we can say that the definition of Universal Center here is more coherent, profound and general than the above mentioned definitions.

The Universal Center is very fanciful. It is within every Object but to understand it is very difficult, it is the characteristics, it is the most general nature of every Object. It contains the generalist natural laws. It is the supreme truth of all supreme truths. It is the basic super-particulate of all basic particulates comprising every thing.

Theorem 1.5

Every Object in Universe does not dispear forever but only to change from this form to another form.


Assume that A is any Object in Universe. So according to the definition of Universal Centerit can be said that A contains the Universal Center. If A dissapeares permanently, the Universal Center should dissapeare forever. This contrary to the two theorems on the existence and uniqueness of Universal Center. => q. e. d.

For the visible Objects the above mentioned theorems are easy to understand. But for the invisible Objects as the national tradition, culture, theory... such understanding is not always easy.

If we consider Philosophy systems or religions as the Objects then an addtional consequence can be generated from the theorem of unique Universal Center:

Consequence 1.2

For every Philosophy there is only a supreme truth.

For every religion there is only a God.

The thought tendencies may be different, even they can be againsted to each other, but they still have an non-empty intersection (eg. Universal Center), therefore the dialogue tendency is replacing for the confrontation and elimitation in this era.

We can image the greatest integration in future-The union of Philosophies and Religions in the Global and Universal scale.


Universe is extremeness but unique, without the second one. All Objects in Universe are in constant motion. The Universal Center is the intersection of every Object therefore it is within every Object. It is existing and unique. The Universal Center is the stronger definition if compared with the definition of absolute truth, basic super-particulate... It is fanciful and sparkling. It appears any where but impossible to see and catch. It is the absolute truth of all absolute truths. It is the basic super-particulate of basic particulates creating all matter. The Universal Center contains comprehensive powers of Universe.

The strongest human heads only understand the ambient areas of Universa Center. To understand the Universal Center is to understand the Universe.

If considered individuals as the Objects the Universal Center is not away from us but within us, within our heart and mind, within the simplest things.

No Object is lostinternnaly but it only changes from this form to another form, including the visible or invisibleObjects.

The existing and unique Universal Center confirms that this Universe is united even the Objects of Universe is very abudent, in multi-shape and multiform. Before understanding the Universal Center, the human thinking trends are located around the Universal Center, so they are as the petals of a pistil with multiform.

Our Universe is in multiform of union, and in union of multiform.

Finally we have some words before finishing Chapter 1.

In fact there is another approach on Universe and Universal Center. Follow that way, firstly, we set up the Universes, and then combine them into the unique Universe. In the same way, we also establish the Universal Centers, and then we use the intersection tool to have a unique Universal Center.

This approach is easy to be accepted because it follows the normal human thinking, unluckly the pages of writing must be up to hundred of pages.

The presented approach is a condense and generalized way though at begining it is rather forced. I hope to get Reader’s sympathy.

Chapter 2

Universal center and information

In chapter 1 we provided the definition of Universal Center and proved some theorems and consequences regarding the Universal Center. Two theorems have confirmed that the Universal Center is existing and unique. However these demonstrations are only to indicate feelingly the exist and unique of Universal Center. In addition to the movement, is there any component of the Universal Center?

In this chapter, we will present the definition of information, and prove that information is an another component creating the Universal Center.

The tool to illustrate in chapter 1 is the Set theory and axiom methodology. However, it is necessary to emphersize that in chapter 1 we only borrowed temporary this tool to explain. The Philosophical meaning is covered by the theory based on Mathematical. In this chapter we still use this tool and it is called the quasi- Mathematical tool.

Now we are going to the content of this chapter. The first thing is the definition of information.

There are many ways to understand about the Definition of Information. For uniting, we provide the basic definition as follows:

Definition 2.1:

Assume that A and B is two random Objects of Universe, we consider the set of all relations between A and B is the Information between A and B. A is called Information content of A in B and contrary B is called by Information content of B in A. All relations between A and B, sometimes to press, are called by messenger.

Therefore Information consists of the information content and messenger. The above mentioned definition is to ensure a high generalization of Definition of Information.

Here we are going to prove a very theorem that confirms Information as an additional component beside the movement of Universal Center.

Theorem 2.1:

Universal Center contains Information.

Proof: > According to the theorem on popular relation mentioned in chapter 1 which confirms that at least there is a relation of two random Objects in Universe. According to the definition 2.1 we know that two random Objects in Universe always has the Information of each other. Therefore Information is characteristics of every Object in Universe, and according to the definition of Universal Center in chapter 1, the Universal Center contains Information (q. e. d.).

Theorem 2.1 has just shown that there is an additional component of Universal Center beside the Movement: that is Information.

Here it is necessary to press because our knowledge is only in the vicinity Ue of Universal Center, so we do not understand exactly about Universal Center, as a result the components formed Universal Center are found, but in fact they (Movement vµ Information) are only one. This is collected from the theorem on the unique Universal Center. However the consideration about Universal Center from multi-aspects will provide us a clear picture on Universal Center. We will gradually narrow the vicinity Ue of Universal Center within us as much as possible.

Now we will present the second theorem.

Theorem 2.2:

Information between two random Objects in Universe must always be through Universal Center.

Proof: > Assume that A vµ B is two random Objects in Universe and f is the any relation btween A and B. According to the definition 2 we can conclude that f is an information between A and B. But to its turn, f also is a Object in Universe. In line with consequence 1.1 of chapter 1 it is obviously that f must contains Universal Center. In other words, f has to run through Universal Center. This has been proved (q. e. d.).

Theorem 2.2 is very important because it provides us a directive consequence.

Consequence 2.1:

The Universal Center contains the whole Information of every Objects in the Universe.

Proof :> Assume that A is a random Object in Universe and has a portion F(A) with Information not to exist in Universal Center. From this we have the exist of Information f of F(A) no to run through Universal Center. This is to oppose the theorem 2.2 => q. e. d.

The consequence 2.1 confirms once again that if we had understood the Universal Center, then we understand whole Universe. We can consider rudimentarily Universal Center as a server containing all Information of every Object in Universe. In the case the Objects in Universe “communicate” to each another, it is conducted through this great host computer.

Furthermore, we will present and prove some more important theorems.

Theorem 2.3:

Speed of light

c» 300.000 km/s

is not the speed limit of information in Universe

Proof: > We will prove via the presentation of anti-example. Assume thata is a planet away from Earth 1,000,000 light-year. Now we close our eyes and image that we are on this planet. One, two, three! Start!

It is not enough a second, our thinking is on that planeta.

Here, between us (Object A) and the planeta (Object B) there is a relationship that is the imagination f of A to B. According to the definition of Information, the f exactly is the Information between A and B. And because the speed of f is higher million times over than the speed of light => q. e. d.

Theorem 3 shows us that the Einstein’s axiom is not suitable for our Universe. The way to prove the theorem 2.3 may nort be satisfactory to the Readers, since at this moment knowledge equipedd is not yet sufficient to give a “finer” proof. We will prove this theorem immanently in the next.

Now we will discuss about a very important theorem regarding to the speed of Information transfer in Universal Center. Before starting and proving this theorem we present generally about the system of reference. Frame of reference is a concept that take much time and paper to go into the details of it, so we comprehend it for the time being as the same as that of Physics and Mathematics. We had known the system of reference on space and time in Physics or multidimentional space, even infinite dimensional space of Mathematics etc. The system of reference to be used here is similar with the above mentioned concepts.

Theorem 2.4:

Universal Center transfers Information to every Object in Universe with an instant speed in every system of reference.

Proof: > We will prove via the antithetical procedure. Assume that there is a Object A in Universe and in any system of reference which does notreceive the Information from Universal Center immediately. Therefore at the time t0 between A and Universal Center there is not any relation. Because the Universal Center is also an Object, so this will be contrary to the theorem on the popular relation mentioned in chapter 1 (q. e. d.).

Theorem 2.4 gives us the possibility to explain a difficult thing in consequence 1.1 in chapter 1­: “Universal Center is existing within every Object”.

Why are there many Objects in Universe containing the Universal Center meanwhile the Universal Center is unique? It turns out that the Objects in Universe only contain the Information content of Universal Center themselve or in other hand, the Objects in Universe only contain “reflection image” of Universal Center. Because the speed transfering Information from Universal Center to the Objects is immediately, so the discrimination between Universal Center and its picture is very difficult. Sometimes we feel that they are only one. Even, to separate them into two, only in thinking, is also forced. As a result, the consequence 1.1 in chapter 1 is never to come in conflict with.

Information between Universal Center and any Object in Universe is not only to occur one way from Universal Center to Object, but also there is Information from Object to Universal Center. Information between two random Objects must run through “Great Host Computer” - Universal Center. This provides us a important awardness that: If considered carefully and at the end of any Object, although this Object is mediocre, we had also a big truth, even so it is the Supreme Truth.

So, beside the Movement, the Universal Center also contains an additional component that is Information. However Information and Movement by nature is in one. Information is a form of Movement and contrary Movement only is the indication of Information. These two definitions, to at the end, they seem to be separated but actually they are one. What spackling and facilful!

Through the demonstration that Information can be transfered speed higher million times over speed of light, we are easy to recornize daily, hourly, secondly, micro-secondly that we who are living on the Earth are still receiving the Information from many outer space civilization to Earth,to us.

In recent years there are theories supposing that every Object in Universe had been programed by a supreme genius and that every Object, especially people, had been “predestinated” and can not deny the “fate”.

This is half-correct only. As said above, the Information between Universal Center and a random Object is a double-way Information. Till the time we understand deeply about the Universal Center, there should be some “hackers” who can access the “Great Host Computer” –Universal Center in order to adjust a code snippet, so as to be able to modify the “fate” for himself and for a nation.

Chapter 3

Universal Center and Energy

In chapter 1 and chapter 2 we have confirmed that Universal Center contains two components: Movement and Information. In this chapter we will show the Definition of Energy and confirm that the energy is one more component of Universal Center.

Before presenting the related theorems, consequences and conclusions, we will establish the basic Definition - Energy.

Energy is a popular definition that almost people know, but to understand it deeply, especially where we refer to the energy of the non-physical and immaterial Objects, it is not common to reach an agreement. In this chapter we use the energy in general concept as follows:

Definition 3.1

Assume that A is a random Object in Universe. Every factor generated the Movement of A is called by the energy within A.

In chapter 1 we had presented the Definition of Movement.Here it is necessary to repeat and suplement as follows. Movement is the definition that indicates the change of the position in space; the change of chemical reaction; the development or depletion of a nation, a political regime; the growth or death of biological spices; the change of human thinking; the movement of Information etc.

Energy is the factor causing the movement of a any Object. There is no movement without energy use.

Here we provide a theorem to confirm that the energy is the third component of Universal Center.

Theorem 3.1

Universal Center contains energy.

Proof: > Assume that A is a random Object in Universe. According to the axiom 1.2 in chapter 1 it can be concluded that A is moving. Based on the description of energy definition it is easy to say that A contains energy. In other hand, A having energy is a characteristics of A. According to the definition of Universal Center in chapter 1 it is certainly that Universal Center contains energy. => q. e. d.

So, we have proved that every Object in Universe contains energy. Energy is the source generating the movement and energy is known through the movement. Because the energy itself is a Object in Universe, therefore it also complies the axiom 1.2 in chapter 1 and always in movement status.

Information is a form of the movement, so to transfer Information between the Objects there should be the energy. On the contrary, the energy that two Objects transfer to each other is the relation of these Objects therefore the energy is also the Information.

Brieftly, three omponents: Movement, Information and energy forms the Universal Center, and at the end of thinking they are only one. However, we must repeat repeatly that our understanding is only nearby somehow neighbourhood Ue of Universal Center, so the awardness of Universal Center from multi-aspects will provide us its clearer picture. Don’t fear when we have found the new components created the Universal Center. Up to any level we will take the intersection of these components to be closer to the Universal Center.

And now we discuss about the energy transfer between the Objects in Universe. We shall prove a theorem on the general mechanism of the energy transfer of these Objects.

Theorem 3.2

Energy transfered between two random Objects in Universe must done be through the Universal Center.

Proof:> Assume that A and B is two random Objects in Universe. E is the energy transfered between A and B. It is obvious that E is the relation between A and B. According to the definition of Information in the chapter 2, E is the Information between A and B. And in line with the theorem 2.3 in the chapter 2, E must be run through the Universal Center. => q. e. d.

Like the chapter 2, this theorem provides us an important direct consequence.

Consequence 3.1

Universal Center contains all energy of the Objects in Universe

Proof :> Assume that there is a Object A whose energy E is not contained in the Universal Center. As a result if A transfers this energy to any Object, then E must not be run through the Universal Center. This is contrary to the theorem 3.2. => q. e. d.

So, we had proved a very imortant thing that while keeping all Information, the Universal Center also contains all energy of all Objects in Universe.

In the next we shall prove a theorem regarding the speed of energy transfer from Universal Center to Objects.

Theorem 3.3:

Energy transfer from Universal Center to all Objects in Universe is immediately in every system of reference.

Proof:> It is proved by anti-demonstration. Assume that A is a random Object in a system of reference which receives the energy from Universal Center non-immediately. So, there is the any time to so that A has not energy. In other words at the time to A is not inmotion. This is contrary to the axiom 1.2 in the chapter 1. => q. e. d.

Till now we had proved three theorems and a consequence concerning energy that allow us to review the panorama of the Universe.

Because the Universe is extreme, so the resource of energy in Universal Center is also extreme. This great energy source provides the energy for each Object in Universe immediately, that is why we feel that the energy is available and coherent in that Object.

If any Object wants transfering energy to other Object, it must be run through the Universal Center. This is a new concept if compared to our traditional ways of thinking.

Some applicable conclusions can be withdrawed below:

1.If we live closely the Universal Center, thatis we live in accordance with the most universal laws, then our mind become wiser because the Universal Center is the intersection of Supreme Truths. To live as close as the Universal Center is to improve the health because the Universal Center contains all energies of Universe.

2.If a nation has a society and State organization as close as the Universal Center, then that nation is stronger.

3.Any human behaviour, even so in secret, still leaves its trace in the Universal Center because the Universal Center contains all Information of Universe.

Lastly, we want to discuss some words before stopping:

According to a logic order, from the chapter1, chapter 2 to the chapter 3 we confirm that: Universal Center contains Movement, Universal Center contains Information vµ Universal Center contains energy. By stating two axioms, proving for ten theorems, four consequences and a seria of conlusions, the existing picture of our Universe is drawn. In that picture, Universal Center is the core of consideration. The Universal Center does exist, it is unique, fancialy and spackling. It contains all the power of the Universe. It brings about the Movement, Information and energy for every Object in Universe immediately that makes us to think that they are the attribute, the “self-possession” of all the Objects in Universe.

Because we the people living on the Earth, in any time, always receive the Information from many outer space cultures and since there are cultures that are weaker or stronger than the Earth civilization, therefore we ourselves contain good and evil, stupid and wisdom, noble-mindedness and magnanimity, love and altruism etc. To be inclined to the good, wisdom, noble-mindedness, love and altruism etc. is to be inclined to the Universal Center. That place converges all great truth and intelligence of all cultures! There contains allInformation and energy of Universe!

It is spackling, fanciful and sacred but Universal Center is within every Object in general and within every people and spirit in particular. Universal Center is within our mind, our thinking and the simplest thing.

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